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First fill...hmmmm

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So I went for my first fill yesterday morning and it wasn't like what I have read about on here (although, I do go to a DR here in the states). There was no X-ray to check placement or any of that. I laid down on the table and he asked me to raise my feet up kinda like an exercise move. He felt around my tummy, then inserted the needle, pulled out .5cc and injected that with 3.5cc. So I have a total of 4cc in my 10cc band. Has anyone else had their DR do a fill this way? I'm a little put off by it. After, he sat me in this little waiting room to sip some water, which was fine. He also put me back on liquids for 2 days then soft foods for the next 2. I made an appt for 3 weeks out. Then I left.

At home though, when I finally got to eat, I noticed there was no restriction at all. Is this normal for liquids? I mean, I know they just slip through, but I was eating low-fat pudding and was able to eat quite a bit. It just unnerved me.

And to top it off I didn't lose a single pound in the 4 weeks since I went to the DR last! I am so frustrated! Maybe I should have gotten the RNY or something else... I just feel terrible...

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Sounds like that was a blind fill where they don't use floro to decide what amount of fill you should get. There's nothing necessarily wrong with it but because it is less precise that using floro it can be hit or miss. I also really don't recommend it for a first fill as you don't have much of an idea what the proper amount is at that point and how it will affect you, and also because it is a good idea to take a peek inside the first time out to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be.

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This is exactly how my surgeon does it.

He feels for the port, I lift my head up to assist him in doing so, he puts the needle in the port and extracts the existing fluid to ensure #1 that he's in the right spot and # 2 that there is no leakage and all of the fluid he put in, comes back out, then he injects it all back in plus the fill.

My surgeon does not use fluoro at all unless there is a problem locating the port or it's flipped.

So far I have had no problems (2 fills). You will not have restriction with liquids. Hopefully when you are on solids, you will feel the difference.

Good Luck!!!

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Thanks for replying you guys. I really appreciate it.

Cathy thank you for telling me about your fills. All I was reading was about the x-ray and fluoro so I was concerned. But you're doing great and you're inspirational. So I'll stop being a worrywort.

Thanks you guys!

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There are several places I have heard of that don't use the fluoro.

You may not get any restriction with the first fill, especially with the larger band. Don't be discouraged this is normal. It may take 2 or 3 more to get good restriction so again be patient.

I would never for one second think that a RNY would be better, that's totally rerouting your digestive system and far more risky!!!

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