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How" the water?

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I have a strange question. I dont know if anyone else has post this but here it goes.

I have always heard that when you go to Mexico don't drink the water. Believe me I plan on drinking the bottle water but.... Since I will have small incisions and I will be taking a shower...Should I be concerned about the water going into the incisions and causing an infection????


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Mexico has clean water now. They have spent several years and tons of money to clean up their water. Although it's tough to beleive, you no longer need to fear the water in Mexico. It is fine. Especially in big places like Tijuana. You might still find bad water in the poorer sections, but you are fine where you are going.

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The hotel provides bottled water to drink, so don't worry about that.

Your 5 incisions have glue over them so no worries there either.

Have a great time.

No worries as the others have said. I used the bottled water to brush my teeth on my tooth brush at first and then forgot a few times and used the hotel tap water and had no problems. I bet you could drink the hotel tap water if you had to and not get sick like Mona said. It's a nice Hotel.

Now NicoleK I love your new avatar picture....You look HOT!! =D>

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