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My 75lbs lost Celebration!!

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As some of you may know I reached 75lbs lost this week, in celebration of reaching this milestone my super sweet and supportive husband surprised me by booking a spa day for me as well as dinner and a hotel room for us! We had a great time and I thought I'd share some pics!!

Me at 75lbs lost:


This is one of my milestone dresses, something I used to wear in my high school and college days:


Oh and I took this pic when i was barely able to squeeze in that same dress about 4 months ago!


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WOW!! Michelle you are getting hotter by the day! What a sweet hubby you have!

Congrats on 75 lbs! You look like a new person! The first pic looks like a magazine ad...haha I love it!

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WOW.. You look fantastic!!! What a cute dress, you look hot!.

What a great husband you have. You are so lucky to have such a

supportive man in your life.

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What an accomplishment great job! And that is quite a nice hubby you have there!!!! Tell him we all say kudos!!!!

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