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Hurricane IKE


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Just a quick note to let everyone know we survived Hurricane Ike in the Houston area. It was utterly devastating to Galveston, and lots of other nearby areas. Our neighborhood looks like a minor war zone. Our house is fine, just no power going on the last 48 hours. They said we could be up to a month with no power.

My brother lives nearby and has power, so we are all bunking in at his house for a few days. I just wanted everyone to know we were okay and I'll be offline for awhile.

If anything good is coming of this, I'm eating very little! No time to think about eating lately.

I'll be back soon, I hope!


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Glad you are doing OK considering everything! My parents used to live in Houston so when they are showing stuff on TV I recognize some of it - Galveston too. I couldn't believe it so I am glad to hear that there were so few fatalities.

I hope your clean up and loss is minimal!!!


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