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Off Topic: Cuba

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We went to the Aventura Spa Palace on a 2nd Honeymoon... Our original honeymoon was booked there but hurricane Emily came through and we ended up in Jamica but we had already paid for the Mexican Rivera trip so we did that one a year later.

The place was amazing and we booked a deal on Ebay through one of the members and got a discounted package price I think about 1,200 for 2 adults for 7days! It is adults only so if it is a family trip you can check out the Moon Palace (I think that's the name) but the great think about the Palace Resorts chain is you can travel to any of the other nearby resorts (there are 3 or 4) and use all the hotel services/eat for free etc as a guest of Palace resort..

It is amazing!

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Hi Cathy

The Real hotel chain is good too. We stayed at the Gran Porto de real in march.

Its right in Playa De Carmen and the beach was lovely.

We went 21 days after my banding.

I also stayed at the Princess hotels in June Large but brand new and no complaints there either.

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Hey Cathy, you may not realize this, but US citizens are forbidden to travel to Cuba. We can only go for specific reasons and the US is very strict about it. Actually we're not really forbidden, but we are forbidden to spend money in Cuba, so that pretty much does away with the travel there.

Some people try to skirt the system by going to Cuba by way of Canada or Mexico, but it doesn't matter what rout it takes to get there, it's still illegal for an American citizen to spend money there.

If you get any replies, it will probably be from the other Canadians on the board.

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We've had a few friends go down to the Varadaro area in Cuba. No one had rave reviews. Its usually cheaper than the Mayan Riveria since the slave labour keeps the costs down but I wouldn't go there. The Dominican is nice if you want a change from Mx.

I would add the caveat that a 'cuba' stamp in your passport may result in a major hassle if you try to enter the USA.

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