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Bariatric Advantage vits

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I've been on the Bariatric Advantage vits Dr. Ortiz recommends and sells for about 4 months now. Got them at first from his website and really love them . the watermelon ones are delicious!

anyway, i've been amazed how much nicer my hair is - and it was ok before! thicker, stronger, and much less shedding.

I hope this part is ok - I also found an online seller who has a very good discount and very quick shipping. www.MyBariatricSuccess.com

I need to save every dollar I can in this terrible economy and just wanted to share this.

I take the Band vits and calcium chews (chocolate - yum) in the morning, a B-50 complex at noon, and the vits and calcium again in the evening.

Then, one of the chocolate pudding omega 3 oil packets with my afternoon snack.

Just had my vit and mineral levels checked again - before was slightly anemic plus deficient in D, B12, and folic acid . Now all levels are perfect.

This stuff does really help!

Thank you Dr Ortiz for turning me on to these vitamins.

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