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1 week post-op=10 lbs gone!

Guest CaraMBA09

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Guest CaraMBA09

So I have struggled with the "hand-to-mouth" that afflicts all of us. It is amazing how automatic it is! I have had some pretty bad bloat, but at least the "runs" ran away. My husband has been encouraging me to weigh myself. He said last night, "this is an exciting time for you and you should want to know how you are doing every step of the way". So this morning, I woke up and just 'felt' thinner - does that make sense? got on the scale and I am 10 lbs down! whooohooo

I am thrilled to say the least. The last time I lost 10 lbs...it was doing weight watchers and it took 5 months!

I still have 2 weeks before eating any solid food, but this has made my resolve iron-clad!



PS...my husband found a box of healthy choice fudge bars at Costco and they blow fudgesicles out of the water! 100 calories per bar and they are like eating a wonderful piece of chocolate you can roll around your mouth! yummy

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What a great motivator huh! Congrats on your success!

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