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That is SO weird!!! I have been getting the hiccups and NEVER got them before and thought I was just weird! This explains things!

I had a weird thing happen Friday night. My husband grilled some fresh salmon on the grill and I must not have chewed enough on a piece because I started to have this weird feeling (which wasn't stuck...but I think was close to stuck)...then I had that feeling that you get right before you vomit where you get all this saliva in the back of your mouth...but just a tiny bit and then it all went away. Later on in the meal it happened to me again with a bit...exactly the same...so that's when I stopped. I think I got a PREVIEW of PBing and sliming without actually doing it since everything went down and it never was bad. I think I won't eat salmon for a while....lol

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Does anyone get the hiccups after eating? I get mid-back pain after eating too?

I know when I'm full, the hiccups start, funny eh!?

Does anyone else have any weird things going on?

I get the runny nose and the hiccups too,, but the weird thing I have is,, I can eat more while standing than sitting. I have more restriction when I'm sitting, now that's strange,, LOL

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Mid back pain after eating could mean that your band is too tight. The pain is caused by the esophagus having to work too hard to push the food through. That was one of my symptoms when I had to go to OCC because it got so bad I was unable to eat or drink. Please make sure you don't let it go too far without addressing the cause of the problem.


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