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Run/Walk record keeping in your shoe

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I saw this on a band patient's blog and thought maybe someone here might use it?

Here's the link:


Click on 'See How It Works' in the upper right hand side. It's pretty cool.

Basically you buy the kit with the sensor and the shoes that fit the sensor and you can track your runs and walks via your home computer to chart your progress. I like having that much data (i.e. calories burned, pace, etc. ) to really see where I've been. You can also set goals, etc. I would use that feature.

Anyone heard of this or better used it? Thoughts?

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I really like this idea. I haven't found a pair of Nike's that have been comfortable though. I guess I could give them another try, they seem very narrow to me, it might be worth it to try a wide. I'm too big for running, but it would be nice to know how good the hikes and walking are doing for me. I'm going to do my research! I can't wait until I'm small enough to run without blowing out a knee!

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I have it and its great. You can actually custom make your shoes which I did. You can create challenges or join already existing challenges. It really got me started running and for the first time I actually started to loose weight. Unfortunately in the beginning of July while running I sprained my ankle really bad and it is still swelled. This was the last straw and thats when i decided to get banded. I gained all my weight back and for the first time i feel like I will have the help i need to be successful at weight loss. I am one week out and can't wait. I do recommend the sensor its alot of fun. Let me know if you get one. I'm hoping to get back to running soon and we can set up a fun challenge.

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