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I am looking for a good pedometer to wear all day, preferrably something that clips onto pants/shorts. I bought a cheapie and got what I paid for.... I want a good one that can keep track for a week, steps and calories burned based on my actual weight..........

Any suggestions?

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Karen, I got my pedometer at Sports Authority and it lets you set your stride length, tells you your calorie count etc...the reason I bought this particular pedometer is that it has a LEASH. I bought several and they would always fall off and end up lost so the LEASH was the feature I wanted most. I have had it for over 2 years, maybe more and no problems with it. It was about $22.

When I bought my pedometer I googled pedometers to learn more about the various models before making my decision.

Body Bugg is pricey, don't use it myself. Not only is it expensive upfront but then you have a monthly fee for the service as well, kind of like a "cable" pedometer.

Hope this helps.

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