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My first fill is tomorrow ....

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Tomorrow I go for my first fill with a local doctor here..... I have to admit, I'm nervous and scared even though I shouldn't be. I'm ok with having the fill -- its how they do it :o This is a doctor whom I've never seen before but do know that there are quite a few people here in town who have gone to him so I'm all for trying it out --- cause if I don't, I really think I'm going to chew down this house with the way that I have been feeling with wanting to eat lately..... Gotta get the stress under control and this fill couldn't come at a better time!!!

Looking forward to that scale starting to drop again after tomorrow --- Hope everyone is having a good night!!!!

Alana :-h

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Hey there --- thanks for the post -- my fill went great! Not as bad as I thought and realized that it was just anxiety that made me more scared than what I had to be! I've now got 1cc in my band and go back in two weeks for another .5 ..... hoping to get great restriction to start seeing that scale start to go down again!

October 22nd is my next fill - I'm excited!!! Sorry to hear about your fill -- I wish that everyone had great experiences. Mine almost didn't happen as my doctor has just decided to no longer take Mexican patients (all thanks to a conference that doctors attended and was spoken to by a lawyer and now some doctors have decided to no longer fill us Mexican patients due to liability and the potential for lawsuits). But he told me that he wasn't going to say no to me .... yay!!!

How are you doing now?? Have a good night!!!

Alana :)

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