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Chiropractic care

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My husband and I were banded on Sept 19th. We both see a really good chiropractor. He does not know alot about the band. Can anyone tell me what I need to know about chiropractic. Does anyone here still go and how does your care work now? do they adjust you differently now? Should we be worried about the band? I really need my back popped it is bothering me. Maybe I should have him pop my back a different way then he did before, because he used to bend me all up and lean on me and work his way down my body. It is hard to explain. Maybe now I should lay on my stomach and have him press on my back to pop it. Maybe that would be better. We do not want to hurt the band. Do you think I should try to call OCC? I hate to try to get through to them, I am not in pain or anything. I just want to be safe. Thanks

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Well you know my answer about calling the OCC, you can call all you want but it's them getting back to you that's the problem..LOL!!

Stormy I have read that others have gone to their chiropractors after banding and do just fine. Just let the chiro be aware of the band and where it is on your stomach so he will not put any direct pressure on it or the surrounding areas. I used to go to a chiropractor all the time and he worked wonders on me. Now I have Kaiser insurance and would have to self pay to see my good old Doc. Hope this helps.

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