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My one-year (plus change) experience

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Hi all. I have not been a good communicator over the past year! Things just seemed to get busy after my surgery (Aug 28, 07) and life just flew by. But I wanted to take this opportunity to share my life now (as opposed to a year ago) and a high level overview of my path/where I am today. I do this partly to encourage folks, but also to thank Dr. Ortiz, who performed my sugery.

First, what a difference a year makes. I was 210 lbs going into the surgery - I am now 153. I was a size 16/18; and now I am a 8, moving towards a 6. I used to hide from life - now I look forward to everything. Getting dressed for work every morning had become torture - now I jump into my closet every morning, thrilled to find out what else I can wear. I shop too much! I used to dread every event, trip, etc, worried that I would eat too much. Now I can't, even if I wanted to!

Not that everything is perfect. But all that's going wrong is my fault. I am tight, but I still choose to drink soft drinks. I make poor choices more often than I should - and have to "render back to the porcelain bowl" more than I want to. I have gallstones which I know I must remove, but am hesitating for fear of impacting my lap band. I am also anemic now, so very tired, because my food choices are not as good as they should be. But lots of what I am dealing with is because of how I'm eating. I've replaced overeating with undereating - with poor choices added in when I am stressed.

But life is good. It's really great. I am going to Disney World to meet my husband's boss, and for the first time in my adult life, I'm actually looking forward to something like this. I'm not dreading what to pack - everything I pack I will fit into - and will wear! I no longer overpack "in case" - in case I gain weight, in the hopes I miraculously drop weight on vacation (as if...) etc etc.

I want to encourage people to do better than I did from a diet perspective - but also to take heart because while it took me over a year to get here (and the first 6 months, very little happened until I got to a good fill), once it works, it's great.

Take care, all -- I'm hoping to go to Tijuana in dec. for a visit - my first since the operation.

Danielle B)

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Hey Danielle it sounds like you are a new person! I just went to Disneyland so I totally know what you mean! I actually fit into the seats and didn't have to fake feeling sick to get out of the rides with smaller seats etc... Good luck and make sure to take care of yourself!!

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