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I got banded on 10/8/08!!

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OK folks...I am so new with these posts, so bear with me!

So, I was prepared to come to pre-op on Wed, 10/8, then go to the hotel and have my "last supper" per se, then Thurs morning, someone would come and collect me and then I would wait in the lobby area, along with anyone else who were going to have their surgery, and stay the night and then go back to the hotel the next morning and rest and go home on Sat...piece of cake! Everything was all planned out...

WELL, it didn't quite go that way. My hubby and I were late in being picked up, but no fault of Franscisco at all, but a lady who got lost at the airport and Francisco was NOT going to leave until she was in his van! But an hour later he comes by and collected us at the Park and Ride and we all got to OCC in no time. We were all 'shepherded' (only 4 of us) into the lobby area there there wer others already there. Gloria gave us newcomers instructions all at once - filling out forms, etc. I interrupted and said, "Oh, I am only here for the preop and my surgery is for tomorrow". Gloria, with that cute smile, just said, "No problem, just fill out the necessary form to get you started today". I thought, 'OK, I am ok, we are on track'. Well, the good Dr. Ortiz came in the lobby area and looked at the patients of the day and smiled widely and chatted a bit with them and off he went. Not 5 minutes later, someone came for all of them to prep for their surgeries, including the 2 gals that came with me today. Then someone (forgot his name...sorry!) came out for me to follow him for the 'preop screening'...which I passed! "YEA!" I said! Then he asked me if there was 'time' for Dr. O to do my surgery today, would that be ok? I was stumped and stammered, "Um, ok". Then he asked me to wait out in the lobby area again. I told my hubby telling him I might have the surgery today!?!

A few minutes later, Dr. Miranda, came to get me and we went over the "dos and don'ts" and I got weighed again - YES! I lost another 2.5 pounds! I jumped up and down for my joyous challenge. Then she said I was for sure going to have my surgery in about 30 minutes. She lied - it wasn't even 3 minutes when "So" came to collect me and from then on it we were on fast forward on a tape!

I remembered getting those cute little blue booties on, shuffled down the hall to my 'room' for the night. On the bed was my gown (enough room for two really - did I lose more weight than I thought?) and blue cotton thongs to wear - oh my... SECY! WOO HOO! To top it all, I even got a pair of white thigh highs to match the stitching to my gown and thongs! All I needed was a cool pair of white stilletos and I was on the way to a parade!

Seconds later...and I mean seconds! In comes So and "Jose" (for Josephina) and I was asked to hop onto the bed, pills under my tongue 'to relax' while I was getting my IV in my hand. Not 10 minutes later, Dr. Ortiz came in and I was just blue bugged eyes at this handsome fellow in front of me! I couldn't speak! He shook hands with my husband, who was sitting in a chair on my right and Dr. O was sitting on my left. He asked how I am and asked how I came to be here and I told him about our son, daughter in law, her sister, and our grandson all been banded on July 2 and Aug 13. He remembered them (How, with soooo many he has done!!) and asked how they are doing, etc. Then as Dr. O sat back more against the chair, one leg over the other leg, with a cup of his Espresso, he started talking with my hubby about 'interests' and they got into a subject they both liked and that relaxed me even more. I said something and he just said, "I like this woman!". This lasted about 20 minutes non-stop talking and finally he said, "It's time!". He was all smiles!

Then before I knew it, I was to get off the bed and Jose gave me a real, good rub down on my back! OH, she was hired! It felt soooo good! I was wheeled into the room, not even 10 feet away and then we entered and got the ball rolling. Next thing I knew...someone said "Hello" and I was instantly awake and off I went back into my room. I was ok! Truth be told, no pain whatsoever. Everyone was saying sip, sip, sip and walk, walk, walk. It seems as though that was their motto. I swear I was hearing them chanting this because at 2:39am, I got my IV stand and I took us a walk up and down the hallway 2 times! I did this a couple of more times and met my 'neighbors' and off to my room and try to sleep. I had a good sleep and the care of the nurses and doctors were wonderful! I didn't have a care or worry at all. They were constantly looking at all of us and we were all in good hands.

Later in the evening, after the surgery, I just had to go on the forum and tell everyone I was in TJ and had the surgery a day earlier...but somehow my words I typed were in so foreign language because I couldn't even understand them! But Julieburns and Kittycat thought I was high on drugs...but it's cool! I tried! HA!

The next morning, us gals all kind of gathered together to 'compare' how we feel, etc, exchanged names and numbers, to try and keep in touch - which none of them been on the forum yet. I suggested to do so as you all have helped me both mentally and physically to get ready for this lifestyle change! Because of me walking as soon as I could, I didn't have too many gas and that was a good thing. Next thing, we all got dressed and was ready to go to the hotel and Francisco was starting a brand new day with new bandsters!

Sorry this is long, but I needed to say all this and I know there are other things I didn't post but this is a start of my new life and wanted to share this far with you and even though I had my surgery a day earlier...all the better to start sooner! I had a wonderful experience and yes, I would do this again if I had to start all over again.

Thanks for listening to my Introduction chapter of my book...

JazzyJude ^,,^

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That is great. My husband and I got banded together on the 19th of Sept and Dr Ortiz was a hoot. I love that guy! I am glad you had a good experience. Keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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Jude so glad you wrote your first "chapter" in your new book of life. I was wondering where you had been and how you were doing. What a great thing to have been done a day early. Caught you by surprise and so you had no more time to worry. I feel I didn't get my monies worth though as I never got a back rub...LOL!! It must be all that charm and warmth you exude.

Happy new beginnings!!

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I agree that is great they could get you in that day. Definitely would help on the worrying front. Glad to hear that it all went well and that you are doing well!!! Keep us posted!!!

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Welcome to bandland!! I can't wait to watch the pounds fall off of you!

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Thank you everyone! This is a very emotional time for me because I am now on the other side and it's also the reality of it all too. I know from time to time, I will need advice as you all been through this too. Reading the posts has been very helpful.

Thank you for being my newfound friends!


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