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FILL Dr in DC metro area

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Does anyone know of a fill doctor in DC, Virginia or Maryland? thanks!

hello there. i live in pasadena, maryland. unfortunately the closest fill doctor i found is in new jersey, which is really only 2hrs. away. for my first fill, i'm going back to dr. ortiz, just to have them check to make sure everything is o.k. the second fill i'll go to the new jersey doctor. if you go to the obesitycontrolcenter.com website, look under surgery. it will show a spot for fills. just click on that and then it ask you to find a doctor. you give your location and the amount of miles you want to go. unfortunately, you need to click on up to 500 miles. then the location in new jersey will pop up. hey, maybe we ought to get to know each other, then we can ride up together one day, since you are the only md/va/dc person i've seen to have dr. ortiz.

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