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Found some fill doctors in Nova Scotia, Alberta & Montreal

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I was browsing the Medical Tourism website and found this list of doctors that do fills on people that had their surgery outside Canada. I have an appointment in Halifax next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I had a nurse outside of Halifax that did my last 3 fills but she dropped off the face of the earth so now I have to try someone new. the nice thing is that he only charges $50 and she charged $150. I am a little nervous because he's fairly new at this and the nurse was great with lots of experience and even came to my house to have it done. Hopefully this will help those who have a hard time finding a fill doctor.

Alberta, St Albert - Dr Daviduck (780) 460-4562

Alberta, Calgary - Dr Phillip Mitchell 403 264-6720

Quebec,Montreal - Nicolas Christou Royal Victoria Hospital (514)843-1531

Nova Scotia, Halifax -Dr. Robert Stricker 902-494-1623

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