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Protein Shakes

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I originally added this under the wrong topic...

Hello Everyone, I'm sure this has been a topic several times over but I need suggestions on a good protein shake. DH and I are going shopping this evening and I'm curious as to what ya'll think I should try first. Thanks!

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Guest CaraMBA09
Haha Mona has been ranting and raving about that protein shake. Hehe.

If you don't want to go outside of the grocery store in the beginning, try the EAS shakes. They have 17g protein and taste pretty good! Anything is better than Adkins shakes, and Slim-Fast!! #-o

I agree with Evette. EAS is great. I buy it by the box (LOVE the vanilla - because I can add a banana and a teaspoon of pure peanut butter)

and each packet has 25 grams of protein. I then add a scoop of Whey powder that has an additional 25 grams of protein.

Go to www.wholesalesupplementstore.com

it is cheaper there than anywhere else AND...they ship it so fast, it will arrive within 2-4 days

On the go I drink Atkins vanilla or chocolate...OR EAS protein drinks on the go

Wal-mart is the cheapest

For gosh sakes, stay away from slim-fast. It is LOADED with sugar and high fructose corn syrup which wrecks havoc on your poor pancreas

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