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Geez... I feel like I'm asking really stupid questions, but as my surgery date approaches I find myself filled with a lot of anxiety in not really knowing the "rules" of post-op living.

1. What about cereal? Is cereal a no-no post-op because of milk being a liquid?

2. If there is a concern about food "slipping" by the band. Why chew-chew-and-chew food before swallowing? Wouldn't it be better to have food larger?

Thanks, Kristy

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I didnt get my surgery done at the OCC but my Dr. did say I could have cereal... I had to make sure it was soggy and chew chew chew....

As for chewing alot... its easier to get down... You dont want to have chunks go down as for it might get stuck and that hurts like you know what... I've done that once and only once its very painful... And dont feel like your asking really stupid questions cause at some point every single one of us has felt like our question was stupid... And you never know, someone else out there might have had the same question and was afraid to ask it.

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I had cold cereal with skim milk all the time...I bought a granola type of cereal which is extremely filling.

Chewing like crazy helps get the food from mouth to pouch...if you take too big a bite and don't chew it well, it will get stuck and you will experience excruating chest pain and start sliming.

Be careful and chew chew chew!!!

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Think of it like the slime from Ghostbusters... but a clear/white instead of green :-)

You only get that if you PB due to the nature of the pieces in your pouch. Which is why they say to chew, chew, chew.

Don't want to PB? Then follow their advice. :-)


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