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Nightime snacks


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I'm really hungry at night, even after I've eaten dinner. What is a good snack? How about a small bowl of cereal like raisin bran?

Not sure what kind of restriction you have, but in the evenings a couple hours after dinner I have about a half of a banana. I also will have a sugar free Jello Pudding snack with whipped cream on top. Without whip it is 60 calories. If you get the cool whip in the can, it only adds 10 more calories and they have fat free.

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I do the same as Bandiva with a pudding or a popsicle. I try to have the 100 calorie snacks around also.

Good luck

I am the same with BandDiva and Nicole and depends on my restriction as well. I also switch off to have apple slices (or other kinds of fruit) and cheese, one fig newton bar (the large long ones), nuts, dry Cherrio cereal, etc. I don't make a "meal" out of my snack time. But having a bowl of cereal can be fine, in moderation, and I would try to make it a total of 100 calories between the milk and cereal.

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