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First throw-up or pb, don't really know

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So I'm having an interesting time with this first fill. On the one hand, I don't get any of the soft or hard signs of fullness when eating, and there are no restrictions on what foods I'm able to get down - bread, pasta, meat, it's all good. There isn't any greater sensation of fullness from solid foods than there is from drinking high volumes of water. So this has made me wonder if I should ask for a tiny bit more restriction, so I would be able to get that definitive sense of fullness.

However, twice this week, I experienced getting a pill stuck when taking my morning medications, and it isn't even that big of a pill (about the same length and less than half the width of a multivitamin pill). The first time, it went down on its own after about 20 seconds, but this morning, it wasn't going down and I had to force myself to vomit it up, which it did with a bit of the water I drank with it. I'm feeling some residual soreness internally after that, but not too concerned (yet) about the band slipping or anything. But it's made me more confused about my fill.

On the one hand, my sense of fullness when eating hasn't changed that much, but on the other hands pills that are smaller than the bites of food I eat are getting stuck! I think this is an increased-restriction-in-the-morning thing, but I would ideally like to have more restriction when it comes to eating actual food. Especially towards the end of the day, when I really get hungry. So I'm not sure whether to just leave it alone, or to ask for increased fill or a slight unfill. The morning medications unfortunately have to be taken in the morning, otherwise I'd just leave them for the end of the day.

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Hi Vangirl

Maybe use a pill cutter or crusher to get the medication down in the morning,

but still have the same restriction.You don't want to get too tight in the morning. Trust me.

Evening is a temptation to overeat for most bandsters.

Try Sugar free fat free popsicles or salad etc.

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Just a thought, but I'm wondering if mabye its not the pills itself getting stuck, but instead the amount of liquid and how fast you are ingesting the pill and liquid together. Try acting like you are taking a pill without actually swalling a pill (just throw back the liquid) and see what happens. Again, just an idea.

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Unfortunately, it's a capsule, so I can't cut the pill :( But this morning I drank warm water with the pills and swallowed the largest ones first, and it went down ok.

I'm still concerned about what I feel is not enough restriction for the food. I can get down more food that I should be able to, and don't have those signs of fullness or any pb-ing, sliming, etc. Even in the morning, with the increased restriction. I want to ask my fill doc for more, but I'm afraid of not being able to get my morning pills down if I get more restriction, even with the warmer water... I suppose worst-case scenario is I have to empty the capsule and mix it in a drink, but my pharmacist warned me it tastes/smells horrible.

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