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Stretching the Pouch

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Hey there Guys and Gals,

I am on Day 15 of my post op diet, its going a lot better than the pre op diet. Question....How do you know if you have stretched the pouch? I haven't cause I have been really good about following the Dr's orders, but just thought I would ask. I stop eating when I am full or when I think im full. I have been noticing over the past few days that I am able to eat more soup, still only about a cup or so, than what I was able to eat lets say a week a ago. I have been on creamy soups for 6 days now. I am so scared that I will stretch my pouch at meal time that I really dont think that I am eating enough, I think this because I am hungery about 30 to 45 min after I eat. I am drinking lots of water. I know everyone is different and what you might feel is different than what I might feel, maybe you can answer in a generalized way.

So to recap I am eating about 1 cup of soup and hungery 30 min after, I want to eat a little more so that Im not hungery so soon after but I dont want to stretch the pouch. AHHHHH, why am I thinking about this so much!!! This really shouldn't be this hard!

Thanks guys and gals,


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Hi Jenelle

I sipped on soup all day otherwise I would be in pain. Soup is a liquid and will go through your band easily.

You were full before because of all the swelling which is going down. So now just keep drinking your liquids, soups protein shakes.

You'll be fine.

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Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but it's my understanding that when in liquids it's almost impossible to stretch your pouch. You would have to be chugging soup - is that correct? When on liquids, don't worry about calories and just eat when you are hungry.

Good luck!

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If you are following the doctor's orders... you will be fine. You don't have restriction right now, so everything will go through the band. From what I've heard... you will know if you have a slipped band, because you won't be able to even drink fluids. I'm sure others will offer information. But, like you... I worried. I was relieved to see my band at my first fill a couple of weeks ago and know that all was well.


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Hi Jenelle ~ what everyone is saying true and you shouldn't worry if you are following the instructions from your doc.

I trained myself, during the clear liquids and creamy soups stages, to eat 1/2 cup worth and drank as much as I wanted throughout the day and didn't count calories at all. I wasn't worried about stretching your pouch as Nicole says, it just goes through.

Just remember that you just had major surgery, and this is the time to heal, learn to eat healthier with portion control. If you can stick with this and be motivated enough to believe this will work, you've got it made. You are working with the best tool ~ your band!

Hang in there kiddo! It's more of the unknown you are going through and DON'T RUSH...take the time to let your body balance out from the surgery and go forward knowing good things will come to you! Listen to your body and band...

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