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16 going on 17 & thinking about getting banded; need some info.


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Okay, so I know that basically all insurance companies won't pay for the band if you're under 18, but I've read a lot of stories about minors getting banded. It's something I've been thinking of for a long time but just never got the correct information. I wanna know about how much I would have to pay (I live in FL) and how i would go about starting the process off. i'm 4'10 and weigh over 180lbs. i've dealt with being overweight since 2nd grade. it's something that truely takes a toll on you, especially being so young. i've tried so many things, even the "transformation" shots, which worked for my aunt, but not for me, and i just never seem to lose anything. i know there's a lot more i need to know but i can't think of anything else :huh:

id really appreciate it if you can help me out ^_^

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Hi Angelica,

Just send an email to OCC and they will respond with price, lodging, and transportation information. I hope all goes well for you. When I paid, it was about $8000 including my flight from Texas. Of course things change all the time, and sometimes it may be a little bit cheaper, or little more. I can say for sure that getting banded is one of the best decisions of my life. Take care and I hope this helps a little.


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I can't provide you with so much information, as I was not banded at the OCC.

But I can tell you that I was 14 when I was banded (I'm 15 now), and I too was not covered by insurance, but I'm extremely glad that I did not wait till I was 18 to do it. I was even rejected by a certain medical center that said I was too young, but another place agreed to let the surgeon do the surgery there.

I'm here for any other questions you may have.

Good luck!


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Congratulations TRS!! What a dramatic and completely awesome achievement!! You are an inspiration not only to other teens but to the rest of us here.

When we were at the OCC eight (8) weeks after our lap-band surgery for our first fills, there was a girl getting the lap-band. I was speaking to her mother, who through tears was describing how her daughter was so frustrated with the comments on her weight/eating that when it came time for lunch at school she would eat in the bathroom. I have been praying for that girl since then that she would have results similar to yours. Bless you girl!


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