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Some non-scale victories so far...

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So I'm officially 18 lbs down today and thought I'd throw some non-scale victories out there. The numbers are important to me, but never as important as what I can do with my new body. Here are just a few of the cool things I've experienced so far...

walking upstairs is easier. I live in a 2nd story apartment and huff and puff just a little less when coming home. Also my knees hurt less when I walk downstairs.

arms now lay against my sides. This is a crazy one. I have HUGE upper arms, like a freakin' 49er linebacker. Alright, maybe an exaggeration but you get my drift. With all the fat between my upper arms, breasts and midsection they never layed flat by my side when I stood up straight. This is now not the case.

My favorite blouses look better on me. I brought this blouse down to mexico with me for my surgery. Turned out I didn't have to wear it becuase I had enough clothes and basically hung around the hotel the entire time. But took it out last week to wear and it looked terrific! This is a shirt I bought when I was 190 lbs, but it didn't look good when I'd gotten back to 235 lbs. Now it looks awesome and I can start wearing it out again!

hubby is all frisky now. He's really noticed the weight come off. He says I have a waist again and it's really sexy. I catch him staring at me sometimes and it's actually kind of freaky, but very cool. I have to get used to it again. :-) He bought me a fantastic bracelet to celebrate 21 days of bandsterville. He's so proud of me for having the courage to do it. Once Aunt Flo goes home, I've got something for him as well. ;-D

My fave pajama pants are helluv loose. They practically fall off of me now. It's just a cool thing I've noticed. :-)

can sit with knee against my chest. I like sitting with my knees against my chest but my stomach has always been too fat. Now that it's going down in size I can do it. I have a long way to go before its completely comfortable though. But happy so far!

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