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My new fashion style!


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I bought a guess what.... A Vogue Magazine. Something id never dare to buy ever before.

Mostly because the fashions within always are for such tiny people and tend not to go above a size 10 or 12 at the largest (In AU sizes).

I am not anywhere close to being such a teeny size .. yet but I thought that i am sort of over the style i have which is... wear what 'fits'!

I am going to be a positive glowing diva! With a happy confident attitude and i want my outside to match my new inside...

I dont know what look to go for... sexy, sassy or more to my liking sophisticated and classy or just a total blend.

There are so many possibilities of what the new me can wear! For you bandsters that have achieved your goal or are getting closer what styles did you choose this is so exciting for me! Id love to know what you guys did clothing wise because obviously a whole new wardrobe is being opened up to us.

Now the band is in, yesterday i was thinking oh my god i have done it! The hard bits over. The struggle isnt going to be so hard... and then i smiled! For the first time in ages.

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i have never spent much money on buying clothes; i could rarely find anything that i liked and that would actually fit. i wear scrubs at work, so before the band, i basically ended up wearing scrubs almost exclusively. i would just always claim to have "just gotten off of work". scrubs, t-shirts, and track pants were my only clothes.

since getting banded 9 mos ago i have almost reached my goal weight--just 8 lbs left to go! i have started watching "what-not-wear" on TLC--good for learning basic fashion guidelines. i even went shopping last month and actually had fun trying on clothes! it was the first time in my life that i shopped for clothes that fit my body rather then clothes that hid my body.

so congrats on you newly acquired band. before you know it, you'll be exercising your new fashion style.

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