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Stayed at the Marriott.......

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I usually stay at the Lucerna, but the Marriott has a "heated" pool and my daughter lives to swim so we stayed there. First off, they lied, the pool IS NOT heated, it was freezing! The only thing that saved me from Mikayla having an outright fit was they had 2 hot tubs [not a pool, but she's only been a hot tub one other time.]

2nd, they had no record of a reservation for me and didn't seem to know who the hell Dr. Ortiz was! I had to call the OCC [they made me do it, they wouldn't!] and about 1\2 an hour later we had a room. Mikayla and I went into the hotel's restaraunte while they were hashing out our room woes and they came in the middle of our dinner for me to sign for our room. I had explained that I'd stop back at the desk AFTER we ate..... The Lucerna has more employees that speak english, they were few and far between at the Marriott.

The food was pretty Blah, I liked the Lucerna's food better. This, of course, was my experience and I'm sure that others have stayed there and all was well. [i must say though, the room was very nice and clean.]

3rd, the shower was cold for about 5 minutes, then the water got a little warmer. The shower head barely spit out a trickle.

In my opinion, if you're staying in TJ, the Lucerna's better. =D>


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Thanks Darlene...damn though lol - cuz I was thinking of the mariott. I was NOT happy with the night guy at the Lucerna....grrrr - I still get angry thinking about the jerk.

What happened with the night guy???

Like I said though.... it may have just been my expereince, you could stay there and it may be fine. Don't count on the pool though! The hot tubs were nice and the room was nice..... didn't care for the food though.

I didn't want people going to the Marriott because they have a 'heated' pool and the Lucerna doesn't, that's the main reason I went.

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Hey girl! How are you today? So nice to be able to meet up with you and Mikayla.

I didn't care for the Marriot either. It was nice and all but the Lucerna is warmer. THe people were nice and the place was clean and it was fine, I just like the Lucerna better. I suppose because it is more familiar. But, it has a warmer atmosphere to it. In fact, me and hubby took a cab over there for drinks and dinner the last night we were there. Met some other bandsters too.

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