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  1. I was the one who did the post on Aloe vera gel. I was reccomended to me at a health food place. I bought it. I tried it. I hated it!!!!I never took it long enough to let it work. It made me gag. I called up the lady who helped me. Ya know...one of those health nuts who know everything about the body. She told me the get was the most pure form, but I could also take it in a pill. I have not gone to buy it yet. Congrats to you if you can drink the gel. YUCK!!!!!!
  2. If you are not thinking of seriousness of surgery than your not doing your job. I thought and planned and worried. It is much easier to look at it from our shoes. We have been there and done it. I would do it again in a second. But, that is me...not you. You are being smart and taking your time. I studied Dr.Ortiz and the band for almost 2 years. It was a scary decision. Keep looking into it. I stayed worried until it was done. Your wise to take your time and think it thru.
  3. Me too sister. This is by far the hardest thing for me. I wish I had some advice. I will keep reading to see what others write.
  4. they are not all good ones. You got one of them. You have been blessed.
  5. You look great!!! I can not believe the before and afters. Way to go!!!
  6. He looks great. It always seems to go so much faster for men. I can tell in his face it has changed his life.
  7. why are you putting rice in a blender? Is it that your band is tight in the early part of the day? If it is for carbs ....it seems there would be a tastier way.
  8. I am a spiritual person so I depend on God for my streagth. God calls on you to forgive and it seems that you have. But, God would not demand you care for these people. I could not do it. My father sexally abused my sisters and I have no personal memory so who knows if I was or not? I was only 6 at the divorce. You wants you to care for yourself and love yourself. You may forgive them but they still have to deal with the results of there actions. They may be forgiven but they are not set free from the worldly consequences. I can not see how this can possibly be healthy for you. I will pray that God sends you an answer.
  9. That is outragious what you have been thru. It is amazing you have lost so much considering all the stress you are under. I am so glad to see you post. You are looking great.
  10. It is late and I did not read all the posts, so this might be a repeat. But hear it goes anyway. McDonald's....good choice is the fruit yougurt thing, and I get the grilled chicken wrap. I pull off some of the tortilla because I have a hard time with to much bread. It is hard and constant, I just try to make better choices and eat less. Good luck.
  11. I am so glad your hear. You will get great support and some laughs along the way.
  12. Have you noticed if it is after you eat your soup or shake? During my post op and for about 5 weeks after I would get bad pain in my shoulder when I drank or ate. I figured out it was because I drank to fast or put to much fluid in quickly. The thicker soups were real bad for that too. Pay attention and see if you notice if it's related.
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