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I woke up this morning and there was 5 pounds gone ......




Which makes me wonder if the scale needs new batteries and its just playing with my mind :P Dear Lord, I hope that it doesn't need batteries because this is just what I need!!! So now my weight is 240.5 (I round down so 240!) and that's almost 30 pounds gone .... gone.... gone .... Wooohoo!!! When I started this I weighed 265 when I wrote it down on my paperwork for OCC, but when I went to start my pre-op I gained 3-4 pounds so .... I started this really at 268. When I started my pre-op it was the end of July / beginning of August. I was banded on August 22nd so I can't really complain about the results at all!

We had a fantastic weekend in the mountains and away from the town that we live in. We did a little bit of hiking -- I wouldn't actually call it that -- but it was enough to get our heartrates up and go for a good distance. This weight loss ends a fantabulous weekend!!

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