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Saturday at Recovery by the Sea



I felt pretty good today and the owner of RBTS had to take a couple patients to Cosmed for their post op check ups,, I decide I was bored and went along for the ride. Little did I know,, once we got to Cosmed,, Dr Quiroz wanted to check my LBL while I was there. He told me everything looked good and most likely I wouldn't have to come to the office again before I leave unless something popped up. I chatted with all the girls in the office and Joyce the coordinator and said my good-byes since I might not have to go back. The other girls weren't done with their post ops, so Sherri and I went running errands,, like to the grocery store and drug store to get meds for another new patient that was coming out of surgery and coming to RBTS for their aftercare. We had extra time,, so I took her over to the OCC clinic to meet everyone there and we chatted with Dr. Martinez about my band. I wanted to know if I'd needed to get my fill back before I left TJ. He recommended that I stay where I'm at now because of all the liquids they pumped into me during my LBL. He said the liquids would swell my stomach and I could get into restriction problems if I refilled my band. If you remember,, in a previous blog Dr. Martinez removed .5cc's from my band before my LBL. So,, I'll head back to Illinois with only 1.7cc's in my 4cc band. I don't know what kind of restriction I have now,, because I haven't really ate big since my LBL,, I just haven't felt like chowing down. Also,, maybe these last 2 years with the band, it has taught me how to eat small portions,, holy shit,, did I just say that. LOL. So we said our good-byes to everyone at the OCC. Just as we were leaving some of the newly banded patients came out and were sitting in the lobby. I chatted with them and ended up showing them my new LBL scar. I hope I didn't scare them. LOL. We headed back to Cosmed and picked up everyone and headed back to RBTS. The rest of the day I just kind of layed around. Come Wednesday I'll be pretty borded and ready to get home. I'm not used to this sitting around recouping thing.

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I am so happy for you. You keep us posted. I would also like some more details, did they make you wait a certain time before doing the LBL from the time you had the Lap Band. And I know the price varies from person to person but was it real expensive. And what was included was the RBTS included. Get well soon.


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