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I need some motivation.....




Well .... I still haven't lost any weight in the last little bit --- I think its completely because of my crummy diet and lack of exercise. I did change that two days ago - where I started my Wii Fit again and do about an hour of step on it and changed my diet to be completely healthy foods for a week before my next fill. Its discouraging and I have to stop weighing my self each day because its depressing. I feel good though -- I've lost in inches and I can feel it in my clothes and from the reactions of people who haven't seen me for a few days or even a week - so that helps. Do you always have to lose pounds? Inches are good too right? However, I want to see that scale move down! I NEED it .... just even 2 pounds would give me the extra "boost" that I need to kick start me again.

I know the exercise is going to help -- my job is so sedentary that I'm afraid my butt is going to stay stuck in my chair ... so I've been forcing myself to get up and outta my office and walk around the hospital that I work at. Thank goodness I drink 2 liters of water in the morning cause them I'm forced to get out of my office and run to the bathroom :P This weekend we are going away so I can't exercise but I will watch what I eat like a hawk. I have another fill scheduled for next Friday, but think I will cancel it and make it the following week. I am learning what I can and can't eat -- what gets stuck and what doesn't. But the fill will definitely help me....

I just needed to come here and write my thouhts out and I know I haven't been on here for a while --- perhaps I should up my time on here again for the great support that every one gives.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend --- we are off to the city and hope that the snow stays away until we get back --



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