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Poop! I am a mom of a toddler so I talk about poop!



Let's talk about poop. Being the mom of a baby or toddler has brought a new subject to my conversation. Poop!

The first phase of the liquid diet I noticed my bowel movements to be "loose." Then I would go a day inbetween movement. Which felt stange. I have been a once a day pooper for a long while, sometimes twice. I know TMI but I have found lots of bandsters are superised at the lack of poo. I was! The first good poo came the second week of the liquid diet. I was pleasantly suprised! Oh! The poo has returned! Even told my husband! Yay! I pooed! Like he was thrilled to hear that news....poor man! Hey, he married me! LOL

I know I am pooping a lot less. I would be better to take my benefiber but I don't it slips my mind.


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