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7 Days! But who's counting! Me!



Well in 7 more days I will be finished with my post op diet. I am counting down. I am doing "pretty good" but not scoring 100%. I've had my cheat moments.

Here is a list of my cheats.

1 slice of banana (this caused mild chest pain and major spit) 4 days after surgery (dumb a$$)

1/2 cup of mash potatoes

3 sticks of string cheese (at different times)

3 bites of a cookie

1/2 cup of tuna helper (that I did not finish)

1 bite of bread

1 slice of hot dog (I chewed and spit)

graham cracker

10 animal crackers (at different times)

I know it's bad, but I did what I did, and i want to document it. I wish I were that person who could do what I am told. Follow diets to a tee and feel the success of accomplishement. Although I have cheated a lot, I feel like I have done a good job. I have fallen short, but I have done my best. Sometimes my best is not great. I still feel proud.

I started off mentally prepairing myself for the journey ahead. I was pumped and ready! Then HEAD HUNGER strolled in and kicked my butte!

If you are a cheater like me, do your best. Do the very best you can. Each of us takes a risk when we cheat. The risk of our bands not healing right or solidly. The risk of a band slip down the road. Stretching out our poutch. We are aware of our dumb risks, but do it anyway. DO YOUR VERY BEST! I have done what I could. I don't feel like I have stretched my pouch. GOD knows I have not eaten enough food to stretch it out. (even though above list is even longer than I wanted to admit! Ugh!)

This world takes all kinds to make it go round, I play my role. So scoff if you will, I can take it, for I have accepted myself and have broad shoulders! If you read this and feel a sense of relief because you too have fall short of the mark. I say again DO THE VERY BEST YOU CAN! :D

One more week!

25 more days until my 1st fill!


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