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Daring to Dream of Health



A NEW LIFE! Life full of Health, Energy, Thankfulness and Joy! I look forward to being able to keep up with my kids!

Come with me on my LAP BAND Journey. I have found the most amazing Doctor in the World! Dr. Ramos Kelly is absolutely FANOMINAL!!

I have tried everything……. You all have heard it.. Low carb diet, high Protein diet, low calorie diet, juice diet, rice diet, and don’t forget the all time favorite cabbage soup diet. NONE of it helped.

What about pills? WOW! Hydroxy cut, Lipozine, Barry’s Boot Camp Fat blaster, T Fuel, Fiber Pills, Hydroxy cut Max, Herbalife, Arbonne, well I am sure you get the point. You have been there. ANY results are TEMPERARY! SOOOO Frustrating. I am DONE with it!!!!!


LAPBAND Technology is the LONG TERM Solution I have been praying for!!!!

Dr. Ramos Kelly is the most courteous and kind Doctor I have ever met!

His staff are all helpful, and sensitive to the needs of every potential Patient who comes to them to join together in the battle with Obesity!

Come Join me through this Life changing Experience! We will see success together!

I will be posting weekly reports of successes and challenges. I hope to have a camera soon to get started with U tube so people can SEE the results!

Here are the numbers…

My max weight- 275 pounds

Current weight- 245 pounds

Goal weight- 150 pounds

Surgery Date 5/19/2009-

And I have already talked with Dr. Kelly 3 times before the surgery just because he cares.

Surgery Cost- $5,500

This includes everything but the flight to San Diego CA. They are picking me up from the airport. And the rest is all included for 5/18, 5/19, and 5/20. THIS is a special they are running for the surgeries before June 2009. Normally the Lapband costs $ 7,000. Which compared to the US is really affordable!

Email me at- leahwebster@msn.com or call me - 509-540-2885

I am looking for people to be added support to one another as we walk on this new and exciting path.

Maybe I can introduce you to Dr. Kelly and his WONDERFUL team.

I know Dr. Kelly will make the difference in your life too!


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