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I have my first fill under my belt!




I had my first fill yesterday. (June 1, 2009) I arrived early so I could check in to the access center. I had to chuckle because the TV in the access center was set to the Jerry Springer show. Now honey that is some drama! LOL Pay my $50.00 and go upstairs to meet my new Dr. Almost as soon as I checked in Michelle came out to take me back to pay the $1000.00 fee. Within 2 minutes I was in a room meeting with Dr. McBride. She is very nice and a fellow bandster. She has had her band for 6 years. Cool!

As expected Dr. McBride did an upper GI, and took pictures of my band to "make sure it was placed correctly." Everything was great. (I had no doubt that it would be, thanks O.C.C. Dr.'s and staff.) She also inflated my band to make sure it was okay, and then pulled the fluid out. I was glad she did this because I will in theory get better fills. All the air would have been sucked out. Then she put in 1.5 cc's of saline, and slowly backed it out until the barium was not getting held up. To my surprise I only needed .7 cc's to start me off. She had the table tilted upward while taking out the fluid. It is pretty neat to see the barium flow too. With the table tilted upward, you get a better fill because you are in a better “normal” position. You eat up right so it would make sense that your fills be tested in the upright position.

I am officially off and running! She did advise to have liquids for 2 days, then soft foods, lastly on to solids. Dr. Mc also told me there was not need to rush back to soft or solids. As long as liquids are satisfying me, I could stay on liquids as long as I would like. Better weight loss this way. We will have to see how it is going!

The staff at the University Medical Center is very nice, pleasant and helpful. I hope this will work for me. I have some very poor eating habits. Oh, and another thing, she was surprised I did not have any diseases, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, cholesterol, ect. Most people who have this procedure in the states have these issues. I am happy to say I do not, and that is another big reason as to why I am doing this life style change. I don't want any health issues and my family has several in there history.

The entire apt and drive to and from took 1.5 hours. Not to shabby. The next time will be faster, as I will not be meeting with the Dr first.



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