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No weight gain...no weight loss. I wish this wasn't my story.



I have had no weight gain or weight loss. I am bummed. I mean how can I not be bummed? Logically, I know that I can not compair myself with anyones else, however this is easier said then done when you are not having some success.

I've been trying my best to focus on the postive and keep my head up. More and more I am realizing how many expectations I really had. Now, that I can see my expectations for what they are, it is a bit of a bite to swallow.

I can not help but feel like a failure. I wish I could have something to report. I watch the scale go up and down. It flexuates between 262 to 266.

Had a few episodes when eating that had me up and walking. I feel like I have a hackie-sack in my throat, and my jaw feels like I have had something sour, minus the sour. It's difficult to talk and I swallow the spit that's in my mouth. In a few moments the feeling passes, and life is good.

So I do have restriction that I had not noticed before. I need to chew better and focus on protein. I had a turkey burger minus the bun today with a slice of american cheese. It was good. A bit dry.

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It is hard sometimes but WE ALL have to remember this is a journey. at only 3.5 weeks out I have been teetering also and I know I need a fill. But until then I HAVE to stay focused nutritionally.

We are in the same boat..... here are some things I am doing to keep me sane!

I made a list (yes, I am a spread sheet person) LOL :) if my daily intake goals. NOT WHAT I CANT HAVE which is opposit of what my thinking has ben in the past but what I NEED to have to be healthy. The body will follow along.

Here is what it looks like.... The Example Column shows my goal intake. And for dinner I just add lapband portions of what the family is having. I start on fridays because the weekends are hardest for me since James (hubby) is home and I have to take alot more time cooking... But , I am a visual person and having this on my frig help me alot. Also, just so you know I have a soymilk maker so I make the milk from the beans so this is an est. calories. I really like the milk with a little coffee creamer and sense it has great protein its good nutritionally also. I hope this helps. At this point I have almost no restriction so I know I ahve to keep close tabs. I was hoping my food list days were closing since getting banded but I guess we were wrong about that. I hope after the fill that will help a little more.

Daily Food DIARY

Date: 6/11/2009 FRIDAY

Weight Start 226 pounds- 14 total lost

Example 6/12 6/13

Meal Food Eaten Amount Calories Calories Calories

Breakfast Soy Milk- 9.2 G protein 1 CUP 120

Creamer 1 TBS 45

Snack BANANA .4 protein 1 WHOLE 72

APPLE .6 protien 1 WHOLE 72

EGG 5.5 1 CUP 72

Lunch EGG 5.5 1 CUP 72


Snack Soy Milk- 9.2 G protein 1 CUP 120

Creamer 1 TBS 45


(with Family) MEAT 2oz

Fish 1 CUP



Snack Soy Milk- 9.2 G protein 1 CUP 120

Creamer 1 TBS 45

Exersize Walk 1 hr

(pick one) Bike 1 mile

Garden 1 hr

Leg lifts 3 set of 5


GOAL 40 G protein 855 0 0

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