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Starting the process



I got on here thinking I would just check to see more about the Lap Band. Having checked it out in Oregon, I was not impressed on what you have to go through to even be considered for the surgery. Once I got to this site, I was amazed 6.gif/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><' /> . People are so positive. Maybe all the bad stuff is deleted. Who knows, all I know it has changed my whole view about having the surgery out of state.

My family and friends are not happy about my considering this. Nothing but negative stuff comes out of their mouths and they are hoping I dont get my financing. My husband is scared about me getting it cause he is not sure we can afford it. I tell him we cant afford not to.

I was going to do it alone but he told me of his fear that I will get thin and leave him. I have explained that is not the case. He thought it over and having talked to me about how bad he feels about his weight, he is going to go with me. I would like to do it when it is not so hot, maybe October. I can't stand to be in the heat. We just heard about the banks going down, so financing is going to be a huge issue. :angry: I may have to pay off some bills and even go back to some of the people who are on my credit report and pay them off. There is only two that are being negative since my bankruptcy. Sometimes you can pay them off at a lower rate.

I am scarred about the possiblity of never having soda and bread and junk food. But I know these things are what are killing me slowly. :wacko: I know right now, I have no control and I eat way to much. Even though I lost weight on Jenny Craig, I gained most of it back and more.

I am going to pray every night that god gives me the resources to get this done for both my husband and I. This could change our whole lives. If other people had a good experience in TJ then maybe I will too, the cost of fills is a concern, transportation and such but I will cross that bridge later. For right now, I have to find the money just to get it done. So here I pray. :lb12:


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I will be praying for you also. I have been trying to save the money and have been turned down by many finance companies, being that this is not a collateral loan it is almost impossible, On Saturday the 12th of July my bank agreed to loan me the money. So i am going to set a date. all i can say is dont give up, and good luck i hope things work out for you.


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Sometimes it's best not to tell everyone- get the time off from work for "personal reasons". No need to explain your surgery. Family and friends don't need to have an opinion. It's your decision only. It's money well spent and it's a pretty minor procedure- why all the "I'm afraid you'll die" talk? Have they read horror stories? Another reason not to explain or justify it to anyone. I told about 3 people I was having surgery and after 8 months most people don't know...I only have told those who asked "How did you lose weight?". I don't volunteer the information to anyone. It's just cleaner. Good luck to you and please keep us updated!

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