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5 Day pouch test starts monday



OK, I have been sooo hungery, like an constant munchies. When I eat it loast for such a short amount of time , VERY frusterating! I can wait for my first fill. I will be going to RIchland Wa to see Dr. Adrian Heap to get a fill on the 18th. I know it will take time to hit the "SWEET SPOT" but I really lookforward to it! My hope it to eat every 4 hour like a normal person. Just lapband type/size meals! Tuesday is my 4th week the dreaded 1 month bandaversery and I was soooo hoping to have lost 30 pounds, now I see that expectation is not realistic. I just hope I havent gained from my 14 pounds lost so far. So, starting monday I am going to start the 5 Day Pouch Test.

Basically, 2 day liquids, 1 day soft meats, firm, then solid meats


this link talks all about it. It is great to be able to learn from our bodies and our bands.

This site talks about slider foods, protien, water, gives great reciepts ect. It will be great to see all of the different types of experiences and results we have from this pouch test!


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