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Throwing out the scale!



I have been thinking abou just throwing OUT the Scale! it is like I let it determine if I am happy or not! CRAZY!!!! It is soo important to get a bigger picture than the number on the scale. Inches, Loose clothes, energy, knowing if today thier is no weight loss that is ok! keeping a positive attitude is totally important and we cant let the numbers depress us. I have noticed it is like I am addicted to stepping on the scale... every morning I just cant walk past it...... UGGGGGG

I am totally going to put it somewhere out of mind so I can kick it!

I believe the stage we are in is called "bandster hell". which is the plateau or weight gain after the band surgery before the sweet spot! YUCK! WE WILL make it through it.

With much prayer..........

Hey I started the 5 day pouch test today. I am trying to beat the head hunger. The carb withdrawals are tough. But the website did say where they get too bad we can eat a fruit to help. So I ate a 1/4 of banana and it helpped. :) almost half way thru day one. I am just trying mak it one breath at a time.

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You CAN do this!

I got rid of my scale. I work at a school and we have one here. We alternate weeks off so it keeps me from weighing for a week. Then when I do weigh - it's gonna make me grin!

Next time you want to step on the scale - step outside. Take a short walk.

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