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Getting antsy!!




Surgery's in a week and I'm starting to get antsy...not antsy as in nervous about the trip/surgery but antsy as in I want it all over and done with, so I can learn to eat healthy and begin the process of learning to live my life again.

I've verified with both of my daughters the transportation to/from the airport plans (I'm cheap and don't want to leave my car there for two nights!). Also verified that my youngest daughter and her hubby will be taking my boxer, Simon, home with them after hubby drops Linda and I off at the airport.

Sidenote: Simon is going to be getting neutered in the morning, but he has no clue. Teach him to pee on the carpet in front of me!

So...travel arrangements are verified, dog care is verified, Verizon's charges and ability to call out from Tijuana is verified. Today is day #4 of the pre-op diet...

Everything is starting to fall into place and come together nicely. My appointment with Susan has been changed to Sunday at 7 pm instead of tonight, which I'm secretly happy about. Thursday nights I'm *always* tired and I kinda enjoy dozin' off in my easy chair, listening to the TV in the background! It'll be nice to be able to do that tonight.



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