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Officially a 'bandster'!! YAY!! :)



Had my surgery at 4:17 on Thursday, June 25. It's official...I'm now a bandster! *doing the happy dance*

The Dr. discovered I had a hiatal hernia and some adhesions and that my stomach was actually in my chest cavity, instead of in my abdominal cavity where it belongs (I had no clue!). He got everything all straightened out and didn't charge me a penny extra! I do have my port in a 'not so normal' place compared to the rest of you, though...mine is right between my boobs. That incision might make wearing a bra a bit of a challenge for a bit, but I'll adapt. 'Adjust, adapt, and overcome' has become my new motto.

Even rolling over in bed that first night took a herculean effort, but today I'm SO much better! The flights home yesterday were a tad uncomfortable. Thank the Goddess my companion had the intelligence to get me a wheelchair at the SLC airport! OMG! I would *still* be trying to get from our landing gate to the next take-off gate!

That first little sip of chicken broth was absolutely to-die-for wonderful! I asked for it at every meal after that first taste! And I'm already jello'd out. I can't stand the stuff. Even tried the new flavors and it's still...well...jello! Never been a fan of it and I sure don't see it happening now!

I'm not scheduled to go back to work until Tuesday, but I may go in tomorow. It depends a lot on how I feel. I will have a TON of stuff to do on Tuesday if I *do* wait. I'll see how I feel in the morning. My dogs are due home today...the house seemed so empty without them when I got home last night.

I relaxed in my easy chair with a cup of chicken broth and a half a glass of apple juice at my side. Took me three hours to finish them. (now, honestly, whodathunkit?...before lapband, that would have been my 'warmup' foods for the main event and they'd have been gone in three minutes, not three hours!)

I am so happy and excited about the changes taking place within me. Except for one thing...I got on the scale this morning and I weighed 279. Now, the morning I left for Mexico, I weighed 271.4. WTF? I *gained* having the surgery? I'm pretty sure it's all water weight cuz my fingers feel like fat little sausages. Which means it will come off quickly. Actually, water weight shouldn't come as a shock, considering all the fluids they were pumping through me in the hospital!

Did learn a valuable lesson. There was another patient there, being re-banded. She'd been banded three years ago and tried to 'outsmart' her band. Was soon over-eating...extended her pouch and eventually there was a slippage. She has paid an extra $10K to get to where I am today....newly banded. $3500 to remove the slipped band...then had to wait six months and had the second band put in place for $6500. Yeah, I will *so* not be doing that!

"Adjust, adapt, and overcome!"

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