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First half-day back at work



I woke up this morning feeling great, so I decided that I would go in and work for half a day or so. Anything I did today would make tomorrow (month-end) that much easier for me. So I took my shower, changed my dressings, got dressed and went to job #2 (I have three). They haven't heard from me since I left Thursday morning at job #2 and I knew they would be frantic. They were all excited to see me and told me I look great, yada, yada, yada. It was wonderful to feel so very loved. One of my co-workers has had gastric bypass so she is ultra-supportive.

Went over to my friend Linda's to sit out on her patio and enjoy it with her (she had it re-tiled while we were in Mexico). It looks absolutely awesome! Her husband Stephen is totally going to love it when he gets here in a few weeks. She showed me some new pants she just bought for herself. Size 12. We're the same height and I honestly can't imagine wearing size 12's. The psych eval at the hospital told me I may even get into 10's. I think she was high.

So I got to work and worked SOLID for three and a half hours. I have a desk job. I'm a bookkeeper. Nothing heavier to pick up than a pile of papers. And I was EXHAUSTED when I left at 5. EXHAUSTED!!! After only three and a half hours. Tomorrow may very well kill me...eight solid hours and it being month-end!!

I'm going to go take a nap before I have some broth and juice for dinner...


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