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A few things I'd mention to anyone considering lap band



First of all...I am grossly overweight. I should weigh somewhere in the low 160's and I weigh in the high 270's. So you can see...*grossly* overweight.

I have a *lot* of fat/weight to move whenever I sit up or bend over or even roll over in bed. Just doing those things post-op caused some of my stitches to pop. I think that's why the Dr. put my port where he did, was so that I could bend over and not open the port incision. In the meantime, I've lost at least three stitches, possibly four. One whole incision (the one that takes the most abuse when I sit up/bend over/roll over in bed) is gaping open, but I've put some more steri-strips on it and I'm cleaning it and changing the dressing on it three times a day. You can never by too careful with cleanliness, right? I check it constantly to make sure it doesn't get infected. One side of my other lower-body incision is open now, too.

Part of it is my fault, I'm sure. I got home Saturday afternoon and felt well enough on Sunday to do a load of laundry and to go meet my English gentleman for coffee. Probably shouldn't have done that. Probably should have just kept my ass in bed like a good little girl. But I had *missed* him!

So now...I get up and shower, clean/change my dressings and go to work. At lunch, I go home and clean/change my dressings and rest in my easy chair with my legs propped up. After work, I go home and rest until it's time for bed, when I *again* clean/change my dressings. I'm trying to stay prone as much as possible when I'm at home, to ease the healing of my incisions.

Which means...no time yet to see my English Gentleman again until my incisions are better healed. We talk every day and he is very solicitous, which is extremely sweet. He offered to go shopping for me today. I quickly assured him that I had everything I need.

My port incision is itching, which means that it's healing. I'll be glad when the holes in my body are filled in and I don't have to worry so much about keeping them clean, clean, clean.

I start full liquids on Friday, which is a good thing. I'm about sick of clear liquids!


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