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My legacy to my children/grandchildren



Reading the thread about obese children has really touched me.

I have been fat my whole life. I weighed in at 196 during the initial Dr's appointment when I discovered I was pregnant with my son. He'll be 29 in a few weeks. So, yeah...30 years of being overweight.

I have a niece who just got married the middle of April. My whole family was present for her wedding. My dad, my two sisters, my two daughters (two of my three children). My dad and my son have the same type of body. Stick-thin. No clue where *that* comes from, cuz the Christensen side of the family (my mom's side) all look like little round bubbles instead of people.

So, anyway, at the wedding, I looked around and it was as if I was seeing myself and my family clearly for the first time in decades. We are all fat. Every one of us! Me. Both my sisters. My niece. One of my daughters (one is not).

I want to leave, as a legacy to my children and grandchildren, the knowledge and certainty that one is *never* too old to transform oneself into a healthier version of 'what used to be'.

I want my grandbabies to see pictures of me now, weighing in at close to 300 pounds, and say to me, "Grandma, I don't remember you ever being that fat!"

*That* is the legacy I want my children and grandchildren to be part of.

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