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4th of July Holiday- Recovery Needed



UGGHHH! I feel so sluggish. We went to a family BBQ with some friends of ours stayed up late, watched fireworks and ATE ATE ATE! I feel So tired, sluggesh, just plum bushed!

My husband made me promise no counting or measuring, just have fun! OK, I am relying on my lapband now!

yuck, I slimed for the first time in weeks if not longer. I only have 1.5 cc fill and next to no restriction. I ate more than I thought I was capable of! Just thru the day of visiting and snacking when dinner came everyone dished up for dinner and I was not hungery but because every one else was having dinner they were like arent you going to have dinner!

I was like uhhhh, yea. SHOULDNT HAVE DONE IT! I tried to just sit and let the one corn shelled pork taco settle and it didnt work. SLIM! atleast I was able to make it to the bathroom without drawing attention to myself! eek.gif Ok so we all mess up.

This morning I woke up HUNGERY, I hope I didnt slip the band or something. I have been eating by measure and stopping when I was satisfied this week and it has been working! I weighed in before we left and it said 221!!! yea!!! Broke the plateau. Lost 19 lbs since surgerylol.gif.

I guess the band is teaching me a lesson in what not to do! So I want to se what I have to do to repair the damage......

thumbup1.gif 5 day pouch test here I come! But I need to tweek it to be.....

HIGH protein (40%of calorie intake minimum)

LOW Carb. (30% of calorie intake Max.)

and DRINK DRINK DRINK- 1000 calories and 64 oz of water.

This is what the nutritionist at my surgeons office recemends

The nurse at my fill dr.s office is very blunt I love it! I told her I had restricted my calories thru willpower to keep loosing weight with no fill and she plainly said, " that was stupid!" and we started talking about metabolism and protien.

so I have a challenge set in front of me. But the liquid diet will flush my system and condition my pouch to function properly. And get me off of grazing! If the pouch capacity hasnt reduced by the time the 5 day PT is done I will get a fill appt scheduled. But I hesitate getting a fill too soon because I HAVE to eat about 1000 calories or so to keep my metabolism going or it tanks and I cant loose weight!

4th of July Holiday Recovery- Starting monday- 5 day PT round #3!!!!! Anyone want to join me?


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