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starting recovery



I already can feel the difference after the PT has started. This morning I drank 16 oz right down before feeling full. by 3pm this afternoon I had the same satisfied feeling after an 8oz cup. So I know I had stretched it out grazing all weekend. I am glad I am doing the 5 day pt to get back on the ball.

here is the total nutrition facts at the end of today. I drank ALOT of soymilk (yes with a little creamer) Isopure, and a small dinner splurge(3 bites of tune Noodle cassaroll) that really threw of my carb count!

CalsFatCholestSodiumCarbsSugarsFiberProtein Click totals for charts!Totals: 65234g82mg1,296mg67g42g4g85g % of your daily value80.95%52.46%27.33%54%22.33%n/an/a170%


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