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Approaching my next goal, well 2 really!! Sweet!



So, I am coming closer to saying bye-bye to the 250's! ( I love my scale so much, but in the next breath I hate that scale. )

I love it because I am a scale whore! Yes, I embrase my whorishness! Who cares. I get, "don't weigh yourself everyday" comments from people, but for me, I weigh. Everyday! Not only do I weigh in the moring, I weigh in the evening as well. Why!? Because it keeps me on track! I have programed my body through the years I have abused the ol' girl to pack on the pounds lightning fast. It's scary really. I digress....back to goals...


I am sooo close! 3 lbs away from leaving the 250's in the rear view mirror! I could just squeel with joy! Cha Cha Cha! Picture me doing the happy dance.

The second goal when I hit 248.9 I will be at the 30 lbs lost mark! How great is that?!

I am loving being a looser!

P.S. the reason I hate my scale is it tends to vary a lb depending on what part of the floor it is on. Grrr. So not only am I a scale whore, I can be found moving the scale to different places on the floor. Yes, I am sure I look silly, but whatever. I use the heaviest weight each time. Example this morning, I saw a glimer of 251, but the heavest weight was 252 so 252 is what I go with. Ahh that darn scale, I do love her! LOL


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