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I bought a new scale. It is a Weight Watchers scale.



I bought a new scale. It is a Weight Watchers scale. I have to say, it is nicer than my older one. When I stepped on it, I was nervous it would tell me I was heavier than the old scale. NOPE - LIGHTER! It read 246.6! Whoop! That number made me happy, considering last week I ate sweets EVERYDAY at work. Talk about a bad week for weight loss. Yikes!

I am officially down 32.3 lbs! Yay me! I am relieved, and excited about the numbers going down. For a while, I was getting down hearted. It can be difficult not to compare myself to others. I knew as soon as I got a decent level of fill built up in my band, the numbers would start to change. Waiting is the hardest part.

The relief on my husbands face is nice to see. I think he was worried when the weight didn’t start to shed right away. I am happy, he is happy, we are happy! I mentioned to him this morning, I am nearing the weight I was at when I began my pregnancy in April 2007. I was 240 when I stepped on the scale at the Dr.’s office. We had just returned from out honeymoon. I think I gained 5 lbs on the cruise. Ugh!

Each new mark is great to see. Before long, I will need to clean out my closet. That will be exciting! What is great is I have plenty of cloths to fit into! I saved my cloths, so I won’t be shopping for a while. I have cloths all the way down to size 14.

Currently I am a size 20/22 depending on the pant. I can’t wait to wear some of my tops again. They are nice and waiting for me. My boobs are getting smaller! I realize I am going to have to buy a few bras in the next month or so.

Let’s talk fills….shall we. I have an apt for a fill this week. Still trying to decide if I need it, am I restricted enough?? During my TOM I noticed I tighten up. It was great! The amount of food I was comfortable eating decreased. The weight is coming off…..maybe I should wait on the fill. This week I am going to evaluate my eating, and weight loss. Right now, as it stands, I think I should cancel the apt for Friday. My hubby and I talked about it, and we decided to wait and see how this week goes. Will I loosen back up? That is the big question? Realistically, as long as I am loosing 1 lb a week, we are good to go.

Goals: along with my 10 lb goals, I am hoping to loose another 15 lbs by December. I believe that is do-able. I am hesitant to set the goal higher, due to my slow beginnings.

Can I take a moment to say, I love this band. Goal + Current weight loss = over 45 lbs! I love it. I am not unhappy with the weight loss, and feel happy to be loosing it slowly. My hope is to not have extra skin. It wouldn’t hurt my feeling one bit to avoid a tummy tuck.

I am noticing a difference in my skin and hair. I have been taking a vitamin E gel capsule, calcium, and NeoCell, along with take a multi vitamin, liquid. Today, I ordered some children’s’ liquid iron. I’ve noticed I am bruising more & I figure adding some iron in every now and again would be wise. Seems like a lot of supplements’. I joke they are my breakfast or snacks.


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