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So I was reading on LBT and came across a thread about doing your own fill/unfill in a pinch/EMERGENCY. It was actually a poll with discussion. I voted, and then took the time to read through the posts. I have to admit it was interesting banter.

I am a DIY kind’a gal in most circumstance. I have done some limited reading on the topic and have discussed this subject with my family. My husband thinks it is CRAZY as does my mother. My father and I have a slightly different perspective.

During my pregnancy I administered my own shots. Although this is completely different than accessing a port, I mention this fact only to relay that I am capable of poking a large needle into my stomach. Although, I will say I have not done a 19 gauge needle in the tummy. Confidently, I do feel like I could do my own UNFILL in an emergency. That being said, I can say pretty confidently that my husband in an EMERGENCY would NOT be able to do it for me. Nope, he does not have what it takes. He can’t stand to see me in pain and it would bother him soo much. It would have to be in a situation where no one knew how to do it and I had the right equipment ect. Safety First! Also, I can forsee the situatiuon happening. Like when I visit my family in Wyoming. I would find it easier to trust myself over many of the health care providers there. Most likely I would walk someone through how to do it. I would also have to evaluate how bad off I was.....so many variables....

Here is how the question was posed. There are pages of responses.

“Be honest....

Have you ever done your own fill/unfill? Even in a pinch?

Scenario; it's late at night, your fill is too much, you are barfing your guts out, you can't even keep saliva down. You can't reach your doc (maybe he's not returning phone calls, perhaps he's in Mexico, etc.) and you are getting dehydrated. Many ER's don't have docs working that have a clue about a band.

What do you do? Or, what have you done?

BTW, this is a private poll, nobody will be able to see your response.”

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Here is my reply to the post I was talking about.

I voted, "In a pinch I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had all the right supplies."

I voted first, then cruised the posts that followed. I was suprised to find so many people against it. My mentality is different I suppose.

Thinking about the question posed, my main concern about doing it comes down to my level of discomfort. It would take some focus on my part, and if I was so tight I was unable to swallow my own spit, I'd hope to be able to pull it together enough to do the deed. I mean after all we are talking an emergency situation here.

Here is an analogy, What would you do if you were short on breath and gasping for air? Setting next to you there was an ozygen tank and mask. Would you ignore it? My answer is for petes sake NO! I would put the mask on and huff the air into my lungs. Of course I am going to help myself!

I agree full heartedly that safety should come first. Fill party.....hmmm I don't see myself attending one....

Doing my own fills. Now, that is another subject all together.

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