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Fill # 4 - 4 Fills in 4 months! Let this be the one!




I had canceled my fill apt and made it into a vitamin level check instead. Which I had second thoughts about doing the very day I called. Ugh! My band opened up wide and said ahhhh. So, I decided to call, and see if I could make another fill apt. Turns out they put me right back on the roster again. Worked out beautifully. I did have a fill appointment yesterday. We did not do lab work. I feel like he gave me an aggressive fill. I was thinking they would top me off, like .1 cc or maybe .2. As my fills have been smaller this whole process. I had told them I was near my sweet spot, that this would be an adjustment. Ended up getting .4 cc's. I watched on the screen like I normally do. This time the liquid flowed threw alright, just slower than I have seen before.

The room as packed too. Both case managers, who are RN's, Emily the PA, and the newest Dr. to come on board the staff was there. Plus like 3-4 other people. It was ineresting and crazy. Normally there is not as many people in the room. When Doc G looked at my band, he spoke words out loud that are haunting me a bit today. I am trying not to worry about it. He noted that my band was positioned at 1:00 ish or noon. He said normally the band sets at a 2 o'clock position. Dr G said my pouch was not dialated, and my band was not slipped. I am a weirdo, my words not his. He said it must have scarred in that way. Hmmm will I be more apt for a slip? I sure hope not! He said it's my anatomy, a little different that is all. For some reason, it makes me nervous. I understand that I can not "focus" on that. I am hoping my head and my emotions will get on the same page, and I can let it go. I may give the office a call and ask to see the initial picture they took of my band. Was it always at the 12-1 position.....

I digress.....anyway, I was talking to them about the crazy topic of doing your own unfills. I've always watched the process, but this time, I was paying close attention. I have to revise my previous statement on my blog. I don't feel it would be as simple as I had once thought. Especially not doing it on yourself! Ugh. I have the small low profile port, so it would be even harder to hit with the needle. I asked them, if I had an emergency situation, if I would be able to call and get someone to walk the medical professional through the unfill process. (situation being I was out of the area and no one was familiar with the band.) They assured me they would be able to help. Not to mention asking for a Chemo Nurse would do the trick too. Anyway, just thought I would tell you about my change of heart. So although I know I have what it takes to do it, I cant forsee me being in a situation such as me doing my own unfill.

Now as for my fill. I think I will be on liquids for an extra day. I feel tight. My whole eating world is about to change I think with this fill. I hope I don't find it to be to tight. I notice that this morning to drink, it feels different than before. Ah, yet another learning curve. I hope I adjust as well as I have the past 3 fills. Today I have had a shake, coffee, some water, and a blended up pot-pie. No crust, just the gravy, veggies, and chicken. It did just great. No issues.

Well, that's what is in my head for today. I am really hoping I have a good enough fill level at this point to sail me through the holidays. Gosh, I wouldn't want to get a fill going into Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Oh....one more thing....I lost 8 lbs in a month! I am very pleased to report that tid-bit. Not to slow or to fast, just right. Given all my eating blunders, it's very nice to see a healthy result. Woo-Hoo!


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