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This is great! 241.8



I am beside myself this morning. Let me tell you, when I stepped on the scale, it had gone down a tinny bit more 241.8. This is amazing to me! I am assuming the fill I had is really doing its job?! Seems like I am dropping weight pretty fast, more so than I thought I would. Not that I am complaining, it is surprising to me. The foods I am eating are the same as before. In the beginning my weight loss was S-L-O-W or non existent. I was pro-active about getting fills. Each month, I went in and had a fill.

I read a post that spoke on the importance of being at the right restriction. I took it to heart and did what it said to do which was keep going until you have restriction. DON’T GIVE UP! I have a tool in my stomach, but it doesn’t do me a bit of good if it is not in working order. I am pleased to report my tool is in working order!

It was an expensive process, and I am blessed I was able to keep on going in like I did. Not to mention, my husband was supportive during this time as well. The process of getting to the right level of restriction has been a difficult one. With each fill, I would feel hopeful. After the period of liquids ended, I would feel restriction only to have it slip away in a week or two. The rollercoaster of feeling a level of restriction, YES!….to oh…where did the restriction go. Ugh! Call for another apt. The cycle starts all over again. I had 4 fills in 4 months. Between appointments 3-4 I had lost 8 lbs! Woot!

It’s paying off now. I feel great! I am able to eat 3 meals a day. The scale is moving. Eureka! I’d like to NOT have another fill till next year. With the holidays’ coming up, I feel primed and ready. It will be a different year, one of less focus on feasting, and more of a focus on living. My plate size will be different, and I will not be overeating like years past.

I will take this opportunity to say again how grateful I am to have this band. It limits me and sets guidelines for me to follow. I not have structure when it comes to food! Hurray!


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