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Lowest number yet! 242.5 Yay Baby!



Well the scale said 242.5. That my folks is the lowest number I've seen in 2 years. I am pretty sure I will be out of the 240's soon. Maybe next week.....lets hope. I could use a change of scenery. Come on 230's. I know before to long, I will be cleaning out my closet. My 22's are pretty big. Can not wait to give them to someone who needs them! What a great feeling!

My husband took our son out today. It feels great to have some alone time. I don't get me time very often. I love my family but I would like some space every once in a while. It would be great if once a month, I could get some time for myself. Guess that is the price we pay for living far away from family. No matter what there is ups and downs to life. I love my husband so much. He is so good to me! The past few hours have been so peaceful! Looking forward to them coming home!

I meet with my therapist tomorrow, and I am hoping to hit a hair cut place on the way home. Gonna do a home dye job on my hair tonight.


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